My Sweeping Jobs

Welcome to the Bids•A•Lot Demo! This box and other like it are used to explain each page and do not appear in the actual version of the program. Many of the functions have been turned off, but you can still get a good overview of how the software works by clicking around different areas of the screen. You are currently at the 'browse' page or start page where you are given a brief overview of your client list. To the left is your sidebar; it provides you with all of the navigation you need to get around the program quickly. You can close this box if you like using the X above.
  bid address phone
survey date      
delete parkade 34 topsail ave (909)-767-5439 9/14/2006 survey bid delete
delete millwood mall 456788 parkway (xxx)-xxx-xxxx 9/14/2006 survey bid delete
delete mosher's palasade mosher street (344)-878-0009 9/14/2006 survey bid delete
delete 7 eleven 345 trillium lane (908)-404-4556 9/1/2006 survey bid delete
delete drive inn 34 utopian dr. (xxx)-xxx-xxxx 8/20/2006 survey bid delete
delete new client 56 palasade (xxx)-xxx-xxxx 8/20/2006 survey bid delete
** you have 200 days left in your sub!